List of tools that are 100% free to use forever without limitations:

1. Content Creation:

  • Tool: Canva or Crello
  • Create visually appealing graphics for your posts. Use templates for different platforms.

2. Video Editing:

3. Hashtag Research:

  • Tool: Hashtagify or RiteTag
  • Research and include relevant hashtags for platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

4. Post Scheduling:

  • Tool: Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Schedule posts at optimal times for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

5. Keyword Optimization:

6. Short Link Creation:

  • Tool: Bitly or TinyURL
  • Create short, shareable links for posts on platforms with character limits like Twitter.

7. Social Listening:

  • Tool: Hootsuite or Brand24
  • Monitor brand mentions and industry trends on various platforms.

8. Analytics and Reporting:

9. Emoticon and Emoji Integration:

  • Tool: GetEmoji or Emojipedia
  • Enhance your captions with emojis for platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

10. Platform-Specific Image Editing:

  • Tool: Snapseed or PicMonkey
  • Tailor images for specific platform requirements (e.g., Pinterest’s vertical pins).

11. Location Tagging:

  • Tool: Integrated within each platform
  • Add location tags to posts, especially beneficial for Instagram and Facebook.

12. Animated Graphics:

  • Tool: Giphy or Animaker
  • Create animated graphics for attention-grabbing posts on platforms like Twitter.

13. Instagram Story Creation:

  • Tool: Unfold or Canva
  • Design engaging stories with templates and effects.

14. Pinterest Graphics:

15. Podcast Promotion:

  • Tool: Headliner or Wave
  • Create audiograms or waveforms for promoting podcast episodes on social media.

These tools offer robust features without requiring payment for basic usage. Always check the terms of service for any changes in their freemium models.